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Some of us are cursed with that hair that just won’t grow past our shoulders, while others are wishing for big, sexy hair. At The Langmore Salon we have the answer to all your hair “dreams”…. Hair Extensions!

Over the years hair extensions have become an everyday look for many people, but many know little about them. From celebrity profiles, Pinterest hairstyles, and everyday Instagram hair photos, hair extensions are everywhere.

At The Langmore Salon our extensions are made of remy human hair. Remy hair is the highest quality extension hair on the market. Due to its high quality the extensions last a minimum of 6 months and blend extremely well with your natural hair.  These kind of extensions offer easy comb-ability, and are great for curling, air drying, and blow drying your hair. They are just like you own natural hair!

Most people believe that extensions only offer length to their hair, but they also can be a great alternative way to add color to your hair with out having to color your natural hair. They can also be used to achieve the ombre’ aspired look, vibrant colors, and a highlighted appearance.

Extensions are also a great way to give the hair a thicker, healthier looking appearance.

So, now after hearing all these great facts about extensions, I am sure you are wondering how the process works?! The whole application process takes about an hour, which is amazing! Who would have thought that in one hour you can achieve the hair you have been dreaming about. And upkeep is very easy. To maintain the extensions you have to come in every 2 months to get the extensions moved back up to the top of your hair strand. We also recommend using good products to keep the extensions in great shape.

With hair extensions, your options are endless!! Call today to schedule a free consultation with one of our hair extension specialists to discuss your options to achieve beautiful, fuller, longer hair.


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