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Summer is here and so is humidity! Increased humidity often leads to undesirable frizz. Our salon offers a smoothing system that not only tames your hair but also will make managing your hair on a daily basis significantly easier. Keratin Complex offers two options: Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment and The Express Blowout. We offer two different keratin options depending on the client’s needs.


What is the difference between the Natural Smoothing Treatment and the Express Blowout?


The Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment penetrates the cuticle to reduce frizz and curl. The hair becomes smoother, shinier and will block the effects of humidity for up to five months.

The Express Blowout is a much shorter service that reduces frizz and curl, by penetrating the hair with keratin protein. Keratin gives a soft texture and leaves the hair more manageable for up to six weeks.


Keratin Complex is NOT a straightening system. Straighteners break the protein bonds within the hair, versus Keratin Complex that delivers smoother, healthier looking hair that gives the option of wearing a wavy or straight style.





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