Unite Summer Hair Rescue

Summer is here! We love the beach, the pool and especially soaking up the sun, but unfortunately our hair doesn’t! Salt, sun and chlorine not only damages our hair, but also dryness and fading can occur. Luckily, our salon has high quality products that can give your hair just what it needs!

Unite Summer Hair Rescue:

Protect – Unite 7 Seconds Leave In Spray gives your hair everything it needs! This product gives your hair moisture, acts as a heat protectant and also a UV Protectant.


Moisture – Unite 7 Seconds Product Line contains natural moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, argon oil and sunflower seed extract. The Unite 7 Seconds Mask also contains wheat protein which is meant to rebuild the hair shaft.


Frizz – Let’s face it.. the humidity HATES our hair! Our overall favorite product for frizz is Unite Argan Oil. For our curly hair clients, one of our favorites for overall moisture and frizz reducing agents is our Moisture Curl Cream.


Beach Day – Do you spend your summers down the shore? Beach Day is the perfect texturizer spray that touches up your natural hair on the beach. However, you don’t need the salty air to give you this look, use this product in your bathroom and achieve the same look!



  • Try to give your hair tools time off in the summer time.
  • Be sure to use a good color shampoo at all times.
  • As for fading color, the salon always offers a refreshing glaze for your ends at a small cost.
  • Lastly, Wear a hat on the beach and ENJOY your summer!


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